Beach Towels

What are the Best Quality Beach Towels?

Best quality beach towels must have the following characteristics.

1-Sand free; once you shake your beach towel, it should repel all sand.

2-Size must be at least 30 x 60 inches.

3-it must be lightweight so it can dry quickly and you use dry towel over and over again. 400 to 600 grams per square is ideal.

4- Cotton is lightweight and also more absorbent, so it must be 100% cotton!

Is there a difference between beach towels and bath towels?

Usually bath towels are thicker than beach towels so that they can absorb more water when you dry yourself from the bath, but thicker towels take longer to dry out. On the other hand, Beach towels can dry out faster and you can continuously wrap up them and lounge on top of them.

Do Sand Free Beach Towels work?

Yes, our towels are sand free, and repels all sand once you shake it. You leave the beach on the beach!